FREE Career Advice is back! Make use of one of the STAP schemes.

The national government has adjusted the regulations for learning and professional development: Through STAP grants there are all kinds of possibilities to develop yourself.

Soon there will be another opportunity to get free career advice. It is not yet clear who will be able to participate.

Make use of it! The Development Advice is aimed at stimulating awareness of the need to reflect on one's career. In 4 meetings (individual and/or group) we will help you with this.

We know from experience that it can be quite difficult for employers/entrepreneurs to have an open discussion with employees about their careers. "Give your people the opportunity to reflect with professionals. As an employer, you really will be the better for it! Want to know why? We will be happy to explain it to you.

Want to join? You can do so now. We know that schemes like this are usually booked up very quickly. So register now and together we will make preparations for an enjoyable and educational follow-up.
Implementation is by NOLOC certified coaches.

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