Speed Counseling

You are currently stuck in your work or private.  You may not know exactly what it is or what (first) step you should take to address your problem.  You don't want to sign up to counselling as yet), but you do need professional advice. Then (free) Speed counselling might be the solution your looking for. During such a session you put your question to one of our experienced counselers and after 15 minutes, really speedy, you go out the door with a practical advice and a better feeling.

Sample Questions
During a speed coach session you can ask all questions about your future, where you are now or where you want to go and how to approach it. Examples of questions from others you went for:

– Do I have to follow my passion at this time or am I better off for the sensible choice?
– Start for myself, how do I handle it?
– How do I find out what I want in life?
– What are my talents?
– Where do I stand in 10 years?
– How do I become happy in my job?
– What impression do I make with my CV? (Take your CV with you!)
– How do I lose my obstructed beliefs?
– How do I recognize a burnout and prevent it on time?
– How do I apply effectively?
– Do I have a good chance as Herïntredende mother?

Practical information
The speed coach sessions take place every second Thursday of the month between 13.00 p.m. and 14.00 o'clock in De Nieuwe Poort In Amsterdam Zuid. And every first Tuesday of the month in Huis van de Wijk rivierenbuurt.

As of Tuesday 6 November 2018, there is a walk-in hours for expats from 12.00 to 13.00 hours in Huis van de Wijk rivierenbuurt. We are present to answer questions that go on how do I find the way in the Netherlands, how can I find work, apply etc. or how to get started in the Netherlands as an entrepreneur.

A session takes about 15 minutes and you may come as often as you like. The sessions are hot! So please sign up quickly. So you are assured of a place.

Sign up
Sign up by sending an email to the events page.