Special offer for INAmsterdam

Special offer for INAmsterdam

As a follow-up to the workshop with INAmsterdam in collaboration with the KvK (chamber of commerce) we offer a special 2,5 hour kick-start workshop for (upcoming-) entrepeneurs.

The program is as follows:

  1. Introduction of the Carrière Coach Café and it programs for entrepeurs
  2. Entrepeneurship in the Netherlands
  3. The relevance of networking
  4. Going international.
  5. Quick business revue based on your business canvas

We offer this program only three times a year for the special rate of 65 euro only. (normal price is 75 euro)

When? Check our Events for the date, time and reservations https://www.carrierecoachcafe.nl/en/10-2/evenementen/

Need to no more? info@carrierecoachcafe.nl

Special offer for IN Amsterdam
€ 65,00