You carry the Carrière Coach Café A warm heart? For example, because your organization attaches importance to:

  • Bringing people from different backgrounds (young/old, high-/laagopgeleid, working/unemployed, inside and outside the city) into contact with each other so that they can help each other?
  • Job seekers take a step closer to new work?
  • Local community initiatives in your area?
  • The development of personal leadership and self-sufficiency of the modern working man?

Become a partner of the Carrière Coach Café By:

  • Actively inform your network about this initiative;
  • To make an atmospheric location available to hold an occasional meeting;
  • Donation or to donate or otherwise Carrière Coach Café To support.

Interest O f questions?
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The Carrière Coach Café is supported and/or collaborates with:

Splash Health Club Amsterdam

All our partners are listed on the website