The cafe

Does your career keep you thinking? For example what your next step will be? Not sure where you are good at or what you want? Or are you ' in between Jobs ' and would you like to share experiences and tips with others in a cosy, casual way? Then come to one of the Intern Carrière Counsellor Cafés!

Especially for people who are walking around with this kind of work-related questions, we regularly organize Carrière Coach Café's in Amsterdam. During this weekday evening you'll be investigating together with others and accompanied by an experienced coach a number of themes:

  • What are your talents?
  • What make you a happy person?
  • And how can you use your talents to make you happy?

The café lasts about two hours. In three rounds you'll be in groups of up to five participants in conversation with several counselors. During each round a question is central:

  • Round 1 What are your talents?
  • Round 2 What does your dream future look like?
  • Round 3 How to realise that dream (career)?

During each round you get the chance, if you want, to share what you are dealing with and ask questions to the coach and the other participants. Afterwards, there is still a drink with each other. You can share your new insights and talk about it!

At the end of the evening you'll be completely inspired and full of fresh, new energy with lots of valuable tips and feedback to take home. The dream is closer than you think!

Why group Counseling?
From experience we know that group counselling has a lot of advantages compared to individual counselling. In a group there is a lot of knowledge. You learn not only from the counseler, but also from each other. There is a great deal of depth because a subject is viewed from different perspectives. In addition, you can share your feelings and insights with others who are in a similar situation and extend your network during a fun night out. You can also come from behind your computer during your busy quest! If you want to know more about (the advantages of) group counselling please contact us.

Others told us:

"Het Carrière Coach Café was voor mij een geslaagde avond: goed om m´n talenten overtuigend neer te zetten en heerlijk om te mogen dromen. Geen onverwachte nieuwe inzichten deze avond, wel bevestiging van wat er al diep in mij sluimerde" Nu het waar maken van de droom… dat is dan altijd wel een harde confrontatie met de realiteit, beperkingen en hobbels op de weg ".

“Een erg nuttige avond! In het begin was iedereen wat verlegen, maar aan het einde van de avond, straalde iedereen vernieuwde energie uit! Zeker het samen zoeken naar verborgen kwaliteiten, heeft mij verder aangezet tot het verwezenlijken van mijn persoonlijke doelstellingen”.

The costs are: 40,-euro p.p. including coffee and tea. Your registration is final after payment.

Package: CCC and individual counselling
Some participants have the need to continue counselling. For this we have created the combination package:

A career Coach Café together with an individual counseller of your choice for €95,-. You pay only €55,-for the meeting. The counsellor will use his own fee for future counselling.

You can also always make use of this offer at the end of a Café.  In that case you can still request the individual session by sending an e-mail to

Data and Registration
The next Carrière Coach Café Can be found on the events page.

** Due to the Corona measures still in place, we are not yet organising any "cafes". If you have any questions, please send an email to info@carrierecoachcafe